This book is a revelation of Jesus Christ that was given to the church by the pen of one of the Lord's disciples, Apostle John. Read the following introductory thoughts from Jon Courson and Michael Youssef:

“As you read through this book, always bear in mind that it was given not because believers were trying to figure out the nuances of eschatology (the study of end time events), but because they were watching their brothers and sisters dying as a result of inconceivable persecution. ‘Where is the Lord?’ they must have cried.  ‘We believe in Him, we’ve given our lives to Him, but what’s happening?’ They needed a revelation of Jesus Christ to see that Jesus is in control, that He is on the throne. Thus, this message coming from John would give great comfort to their hearts.” - Pastor John Courson

“Revelation completes our understanding of God’s purpose for history and for our future. Revelation assures us that, while the world may look out of control, it’s not out of the control of God; He holds His children in His loving hand. From Genesis to Revelation, God has a plan, and Jesus is at the center of it all. Revelation shows us the danger of compromise and the ultimate destruction of Satan and those who reject Christ. In Revelation we see that God has secured the victory, and judgment will come at the end times. Therefore we must not compromise, but stand firm against the spirit of this age, who says we can have salvation without the Savior, power without prayer, spirituality without the Holy Spirit, and morality without the Bible. Revelation gives us an awe-inspiring portrait of the glorified, soon-coming King Jesus. John’s vision completes the Gospel of salvation -- past, present, and future. For in Revelation we see Jesus no longer hanging on a cross, but glorified in white and gold, with hair white as wool, with eyes that blaze with fire, with a voice like rushing waters (see Revelation 1:13-15). We see Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end (22:13).”
- Dr. Michael Youssef


Plan to read one chapter every day, 5 or 6 days per week, January 4 through January 30.
As you begin each day:
  • Find a quiet place where you can be alone. This is important for you to more easily focus as you read and have an awareness of God’s presence. Prepare yourself to listen.
  • Read the chapter (click on the links for readings) and highlight the main points that stand out to you. Keep a journal of important things you learn and pray about in this process. Whether you have read the verses before or not, approach them with an eagerness to learn something new about the revelation of Jesus Christ.
  • Ponder the question(s). Maybe our questions work for you, or maybe there is something else that you need to process based on the reading. Whatever it is, be intentional about thinking and praying about it throughout your day.