Week 2

The Lamb (the Lord Jesus) is seen opening seals that reveal the events of the Great Tribulation. These years will be a time like no other in human history! Satan and all evil is allowed freedom to release its full fury of hatred, destruction and violence.
  1. Do we, even now, see examples and evidence of Satan’s plans to steal, kill and destroy all that is representative of God’s work and character in the earth? Can you think of some examples?
  2. What do we learn about those who become followers of Jesus during the time of the Tribulation? And are we not seeing an increase in the martyrdom of Christians even now?
Most Bible scholars believe this chapter gives us John’s vision of the specific ingathering of the natural Jewish people during the days of the Tribulation.
  1. God’s chosen people have suffered like no other throughout history, and the majority of their persecution arises as a reaction to their traditional commitment to the laws and practices of their historic faith. How do you react to this evidence of God’s commitment to His promises to the nation of Israel…and to you?
  2. How does this picture of the saints in Heaven affect you?
The opening of the seventh seal begins with a period of silence. The silence ends with the sound trumpets. With the sounding of a series of trumpets, John’s attention is drawn to various cataclysmic events affecting all of planet earth itself.
  1. How does this chapter characterize God’s respect for our prayers?  How does this thought affect you?
  2. Do you think the pictures of the events on the earth appear similar to the impact of multiple nuclear detonations?
It appears to John that demonic spirits that had been held in check are now released during these days of God’s wrath. These demonic forces torment any who are  not under God’s protection. Eventually, one third of the earth’s population will be killed.
  1. Does it appear to you that the full activities of evil forces have been limited until their release for a season and purpose during the time of the “Wrath of the Lamb”?
  2. Is that important to you?
  1. Does the description of the “taste” of the revelation John receives as being both bitter and sweet seem accurate to you?
  2. Can you describe some things revealed in this book that are sweet and others that are bitter?