Creating Space for God's Kingdom to Grow

Over the last few years at Parkwood, we have seen some incredible things happen in our church. It has been clear that God is moving among our people. Our reach and our influence today are significantly further and stronger than they have ever been before, and we praise God for that. Currently, we are in a season of unprecedented growth, and there is a tension that comes with being a fast-growing church – the size of our building. Although our auditorium was built in the 1980's to accommodate large gatherings, not much else in the church was.
During the last couple of years, our student ministries (kids, youth and young adults) have seen radical growth. The challenge we face today is the size of the rooms they meet in. This creates problems such as refusing parents and families into our kids programs on Sundays and leaving little to no room for growth in our youth and young adult ministries. We believe God is pouring out His Spirit among the next generation, and our mission is to expand our church to continue to foster a place where we can see lives changed and more students come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.


A gathering place for future generations

We're creating a space that will leave a lasting impact on our ministries and also our community around us. Below are some specifics regarding the project.
  • 14,820 square foot youth centre addition
  • 350 seat auditorium
  • 200 seat Kid City room
  • Additional classrooms for kids
  • New food bank and storage rooms
  • Renovated gymnasium and courtyard


Giving Progress


Our son Milo wanted to do what he could to raise money for the food bank and youth expansion project. He held a lemonade, bake sale, and food drive this past weekend and raised $443 and a large bag of grocery items for the Food Bank. He is blown away by how kind humanity can be. He wanted to try his hardest to do his part for God's glory.
– Kim & Jeremy | May 26, 2024
Our youth ministry is very excited for the expansion. They have started a regular process of collecting for the expansion every Wednesday and Friday when they meet.
– Parkwood Youth | May 8, 2024
The original plan to help pay for the expansion included selling a piece of unused land for $1,085,000. During the Annual Business Meeting in April, the members voted against selling the land, which meant we needed to raise those funds through our church fundraising efforts. We also received several questions asking if the new space was large enough. We did our due diligence and asked our architect to give us a larger version of the floor plan. As we braced ourselves for the shock of the new price tag, the price came back $1,100,000 less than the original estimate. Whenever anyone asks for more, the estimate is never lower – EVER. This miracle can only be attributed to God. 
– Al De Simon | May 8, 2024
Pastor Danny announced that we will be expanding our church by building a new youth centre, larger children’s ministry space (Kid City), and larger food bank. After the service, two children came to the kiosk where I was answering questions and donated $10 and $20.
– Al De Simon | May 5, 2024

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back."



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