It's easy to get lost in a large church. We don't want you to get lost; that's why we believe so strongly in groups. Whether you're looking to deepen your faith through Bible study or connect with others over shared interests, there is a group for you!
When it comes to community, circles are better than rows. 
Check out the different groups that are available right now!

Life Groups

Life Groups are designed to build a strong and healthy church community by offering a safe place to build friendships, share experiences, and grow in faith and knowledge of Jesus. Life Groups meet in homes around the city, at the church or online. Some groups meet weekly, some bi-weekly, and some monthly. There are groups for people in all different stages and seasons of life.

Community Groups

These larger groups of people meet at the church for programming specific to their age or demographic. Community groups are led by pastors or other church staff. Meetings are typically held weekly or monthly, and anyone is welcome to join at any time.

Interest Groups

These are casual gatherings of people who share an interest, activity or stage of life. The size of each group varies, and anyone can join at any time.

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