Invite  Someone!

If you've ever wanted to invite a friend, family member or neighbour to a church worship gathering, event, Life Group or Alpha series, whether online or in person, you may have wondered, "How do I get them to actually connect with others?" And on a more personal level, "What if they say no? What if they ask questions that I’m not prepared to answer? How will my invitation impact our relationship?"
At Alpha, we know that historically 80% of guests have come out because someone has invited them. It was a real conversation with a real person that made a real difference. The best invitations are rooted in relationships, and we have some resource tools that we think will help you in your efforts to invite others into the faith conversation journey.
The video below is a clip from a conference call on The Power of Invitation and overcoming some common hesitations and fears you might encounter.  The Impactful Invitation link is a summary resource from the video.  Life Shared is a hub of resources and stories to help equip us in sharing our faith in Christ, which includes an interactive 3-week video-based series that expands on the principal of invitational evangelism. We trust you will find these resources helpful in your quest to invite others along on the greatest adventure one could ever experience!