Shawn McKnight

Youth/Family Life Pastor
519-948-7055 Ext 228

Most of my time here is devoted to equipping, resourcing, and encouraging our volunteers and parents/families, directly overseeing our junior high (grades 6-8) ministry and connecting within the community. I absolutely love my calling and the people I am blessed to serve alongside. I know every pastor is ‘supposed’ to say this, but we really have the best bunch of youth and leadership you’ll find…seriously! I get to do life with an awesome family and team around me. What else can you ask for?! Along with my wife, Amy, who also serves as our youth department administrator, we have three incredibly awesome and unique kids: Olivia, Braden and Julia. When I can find a little free time, you’ll find me in the garden, shooting hoops with my son, biking with my family, wrestling or playing the Switch with the kids. I’m also an avid reader, amateur photoshopper, closet Clash of Clans player, and professional Leafs fan…and dabble in interpretive dance….a little….once…