Special Needs

As a church family, we desire to support individuals & families with
exceptional needs as they participate in our ministries.

We want to support individuals and families with special needs to fully participate in the church community.  Our goal is to provide opportunities for all people to connect, grow, serve, and invest.

We have a growing need for additional support for our families. You can help us meet this need.
We ask parents to complete a Parent Survey with information specific to their child’s strengths and needs. We use this information to create an “All About Me” profile, which is placed in the attendance binder for the student’s class. This profile sheet contains useful information for teachers about how best to support the student. This information is shared only on a "need-to-know" basis, and your child's privacy will be respected at all times 
To help our church serve your child the best we can, please fill out a parent survey below.