WE TRULY LOVE  WINDSOR. And we're committed to not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk and living out the implications of the gospel: loving our neighbour, acting with compassion, serving, speaking kindly and with encouragement, giving a cup of water in Jesus' name. God has entrusted each of us with the assignment of being a catalyst. How will you respond?


On the streets of Windsor, there are well over 500 homeless living in the cold on the streets tonight, including single adults, families, and youth.  In 2021, the homeless have increased by 27% and that number continues to rise.
We are asking you to donate three specific items in the blue boxes at the church entrances:
  1. Blankets (thick, warm fleece blankets are best; wool blankets; blankets with an extra layer of insulation)
  2. Warm winter hats (including toques, hats with earflaps, etc.)
  3. Gloves (or mittens)
We will deliver your donations to two organizations:  Family Services of Windsor-Essex and Street Health.  These two agencies have mobile outreach vans that will deliver your donations directly to the homeless on the streets in our city.

You can download an information sheet here, get information from the Info Desk on Sunday, or scan the QR code in the front lobby with your phone.  

For more information about the best type of blankets for the homeless:  bestonall.com
More Information on Homelessness in Windsor-Essex:
The waiting list for affordable housing in Windsor-Essex has now risen to 5,500.  That’s up 62% from the city’s first study back in 2016.
Of the homeless surveyed last year:
  • Three out of four adults have been homeless for six months or more.
  • 50% of women said they experienced abuse
  • One out of ten indicated Covid-19 was the cause for their homelessness.