WE TRULY LOVE  WINDSOR. And we're committed to not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk and living out the implications of the gospel: loving our neighbour, acting with compassion, serving, speaking kindly and with encouragement, giving a cup of water in Jesus' name. God has entrusted each of us with the assignment of being a catalyst. How will you respond?


This month, we are calling all of us to pray for our city.  Prayer is crucial for impacting Windsor.  God shapes our city through prayer.
Each week is divided into a different prayer focus.
Week One:  Your Neighbourhood – your neighbours, your street, your municipal ward
Week Two:  Churches – Parkwood and the churches in Windsor
Week Three:  Government – the mayor, municipal representatives
Week Four:  Focal Points – hospitals, schools, health needs, frontline workers
Let’s make a difference together!  You can download our prayer guide for May that has a daily prayer action for you and your family.